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What is Otolaryngologist?


Otolaryngologists diagnose and manage diseases of the ears, nose, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth, and throat, as well as structures of the neck and face.

Latest Technologies


In office evaluation of voice – stroboscopy. Balloon dilatation of sinuses in select cases. Doctors Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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Our team of providers provide specialized services in Otolaryngology and Audiology from our Delaware and Maryland offices

Services We Offer

  • Tonsil and AdenoidsTonsils and adenoids are the body’s first line of defense as part of the immune system
  • Recurrent Ear Infections, Hearing lossOtitis media refers to inflammation of the middle ear. When an abrupt infection occurs
  • Chronic Sinusitis managementHave you ever had a cold or allergy attack that wouldn’t go away? If so, there’s a good
  • Allergy work up and managementMillions of Americans suffer from nasal allergies, commonly known as hay fever.
  • Voice DisordersMost changes in the voice result from a medical disorder. Failure to seek a physician’s care can lead to hoarseness
    and more serious problems.
  • Sleep apneaObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious health condition characterized by a repetitive stopping


Welcome to First State ENT practice, your choice for treatment of Ear, Nose, and Throat disorders. In this era of technology, websites provide insight about the the physician and the practice. This website has been built with an endeavor to be transparent and provide you with the opportunity to learn more about us prior to your visit to the office. We respect that you are looking to visit us, after exploring various choices available in the area. We endeavor to provide a clean, relaxing environment, where you will have ample opportunity to explain your concerns and, discuss all the treatment choices so that we can collectively reach a healthy outcome.

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