Smokeless Tobacco

Insight into its effects on the body What chemicals are in smokeless tobacco? Who uses smokeless tobacco? Tips for quitting and more… Three percent of American adults are smokeless tobacco users. They run the same risks of gum disease, heart disease, and addiction as cigarette users, but an even greater risk of oral cancer. Each […]

Fine Needle aspiration

What Is FNA? Fine needle aspiration (FNA), also called fine needle biopsy, is a technique that allows a biopsy of various bumps and lumps. It allows your otolaryngologist to retrieve enough tissue for microscopic analysis and thus make an accurate diagnosis of a number of problems, such as inflammation or even cancer. FNA Is Used […]

Head and Neck Cancer

Insight into recognizing symptoms for early detection Early detection of head and neck cancer Symptoms of head and neck cancer and more…   This year, more than 55,000 Americans will develop cancer of the head and neck (most of which is preventable); nearly 13,000 of them will die from it. Early detection of head and […]

Laryngeal (voice box) Cancer

Laryngeal cancer is not as well known by the general public as some other types of cancer, yet it is not a rare disease. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2012 there will be about 12,360 new cases of laryngeal cancer (9,840 men and 2,520 women) and about 3,650 deaths (2,880 men and 770 […]

Skin Cancer

Insight into detection, prevention, and treatment What is skin cancer? How is skin cancer diagnosed? Am I at risk for skin cancer? and more… The skin is the largest organ in our body. It provides protection against heat, cold, light, and infection. The skin is made up of two major layers (epidermis and dermis) as […]