First State ENT offers full comprehensive care in the treatment of hearing disorders in patients of all ages. Our team comprised of licensed audiologist and ENT physicians work closely together to determine the hearing needs of our patients and then provide high quality and personalized care to meet their unique needs.
First State ENT’s complete audiology and hearing aid services include: performing diagnostic audiologic evaluations, hearing screenings, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid fittings and hearing aid repair and maintenance.

Complete Hearing Test Includes:

• Pure-Tone Detection
• Speech Understanding
• Otoscopy (Outer Ear)
• Tympanometry (Middle Ear)
• Otoacoustic Emissions (Inner Ear)
• Acoustic Reflexes (Auditory Nerve)

Hearing Aid and Products:

• Hearing Aids (popular styles and competitive pricing)
• Made-for-iPhone Technology
• TV and Bluetooth Accessories
• Amplification Programming & Rehabilitation
• Custom Earmolds
• Hearing Protection Devices